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Aisha Jones

Aisha is one of the stars of Get Online Week 2018. She’s a volunteer at her local Online Centre Zest for Work, where she teaches her learners - as well as her friends and family - how they can use computers and the internet to manage their health.

As someone who has fatigue syndrome, Aisha has firsthand experience of using the internet to benefit her health. Not only does she use apps like WhatsApp and FaceTime to keep in touch with people on days when she can’t leave the house, she also uses NHS Choices to research and explain her condition to others. She’s even ordered her prescriptions online.

Now she’s sharing her knowledge and experience with others to empower them and help them use the online world to their advantage.

Aisha says: “I love the internet and I know some people are scared of it but once you know how to keep safe, the internet is the best place to go to find anything and everything.

“I would recommend my students and anyone to go online and try one thing.”