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Carolyn Hill

Carolyn Hill has been learning digital skills and receiving support from the team at her local Online Centre, Kensington Community Learning Centre, in Liverpool. Now, she's secured a job she loves and is recommending online life to friends, family and colleagues.

Carolyn was unexpectedly made redundant from her previous job. "I was devastated," she says. 

Carolyn knew she'd have to apply for a new job online but her skills weren't up to scratch. "I was useless," she says. "I didn't know how to turn them on, never mind do anything on them. I had to ask my children to help me get set up and do job searches, which wasn't always possible because they were in school. I'd find myself just sitting waiting for them to come home so I could start searching."

Carolyn started visiting the Jobcentre and at the same time, her friend Debbie Derbyshire, a tutor at Kensington Community Learning Centre invited Carolyn to the centre and got her signed up for a couple of classes - digital skills and GCSE maths - and offered her volunteering opportunities helping out on reception and at the craft class.

Carolyn says: "The people working here, in such a short space of time, taught me to use the computer. It was scary but I picked it up pretty easily - just basic skills on the computer. Nothing fantastic because I'm not that way inclined on tech stuff!"

Carolyn applied for a cleaning job with Arriva using the computer - and was successful! She is now doing a job she loves.

Carolyn says: "The teaching I got at Kensington on the computer really helped me. Otherwise, I would have struggled to get to where I am now. 

"I saw the light at the end of the tunnel and I got there in the end. You do get there in the end - and it's the best place to go."