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Olivier Tcheumo

Olivier Tcheumo, an asylum-seeker living in Sheffield, has seen his improved digital skills help him develop his English and move onto further learning and qualifications.

Finding support at Learn for Life Enterprise, his local Online Centre, Olivier was supported to gain basic digital skills using the Learn My Way website.

Olivier tells us: “Learn My Way was perfect for me - the full package for beginners, to those who just need to improve their computer skills. Everything from the different parts of a computer, through to how to look for a job and check your bank information or open a bank account.”

With his new skills, he went onto further learning, completing first functional skills in both English and Maths and then GCSEs in the same subjects.

Olivier continues: “I had to learn the language first but after that, I started thinking about learning for the future. I found my carpentry course online. I went on the college website, found all the course information and I went for the enrolment. All the information was on the internet and if I hadn’t been able to use a computer I wouldn’t have been able to find it.

“Computers have helped me achieve all of my qualifications. When I was working on my English, for example, I learned through videos on the internet, and used search engines to do things like finding learning exercises.”

And it’s not just with his education that Olivier has seen the benefit. He explains: “Everything is quite technologic now, so to be able to do even simple things, like access your bank account, do shopping or book a holiday, most things are online.

“I’d advise anyone have a look and give the internet a go because it can only help you enjoy your life.”