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Rory Whittaker

Rory Whittaker is one of the stars of Get Online Week 2018. He's a young contract farmer from Lincolnshire, who has been learning digital skills to help expand and diversify his business in new and exciting ways, thanks to the team at Online Centre Lincs Training.

Lincs Training met Rory through another local business they were supporting. When they first got in touch, he was looking to set up RW Agri Services, hoping that he could run it alongside his work as a contract farmer to give him extra income all year round.

RW Agri Services would purchase second-hand farming machinery and equipment, service and repair it and put it back on the sales market.

Rich and the team helped Rory out with a number of things including his finances, setting up both his own website and a profile on Digger Bidder - an online auction site for farming and building equipment to sell Rory’s products - which could be linked to from his website homepage.

They looked at using social media channels, advertising websites and eye-catching adverts to help Rory increase his sales. They also looked at simple spreadsheets for Rory to use for quick calculations when doing business, so he was clear on his profit margins.



Rory says: “For all businesses in today’s current climate, evolution is vital, and even more so if you’re a rural business. You don't want to get left behind. You need constant financial and time investment and you need to learn how to do things more easily.

“Expecting failure and learning from mistakes, or just learning generally, can only be a good thing.

“I think the best way to grow a business is to find a model that works and apply it to what you know. Having great people and great projects supporting you like Rich and the team from Lincs Training makes that journey even better.”