Our Get Online Week stories

Here are some of the stories that have inspired this year's Get Online Week. Our stories are of people who have already tried one thing and changed their lives by doing more online.

These individuals, from both the UK and Australia, feature in our campaign materials and put real people who have seen the huge benefits of internet use at the heart of Get Online Week.

We'll be telling more of these stories every week between now and Get Online Week, so do come back to hear more about the stars of our campaign.

Aisha has been using the internet to help manage her health and has been teaching others how to use the online world to their advantage too.

Rory, a farmer and rural businessman, has been using his new digital skills to make his business a success.

Azalea is an avid gardener (with a very fitting name!) and began her online journey to learn more about wildflowers on the internet.

Colleen and her friend Pat have been learning how to keep in touch with faraway family online.

Val & Lindsay are learning digital skills to support each other and stay involved in their community.

Edward has been learning how to manage his finances online and is now feeling more on top of things as a result.

Carolyn has been learning digital skills for work and has applied for and secured her dream job at Arriva in Liverpool.

After learning digital skills at his local Online Centre in Sheffield, Olivier applied for a college course online and is working towards a bright future.

Kim, along with members at the Hampton Park Turkish Seniors Club, is keeping in touch with family and friends overseas.