These videos – both full-length versions, and social media-friendly teasers – feature some fantastic digital inclusion stories. Share them through your social media channels, on your website or in newsletters to both highlight the difference digital skills can make to people’s lives, and help celebrate Get Online Week.

Read more about our campaign stars, here.

Arthur and Sue

When Sue Evans showed her now 87 year-old Dad how to use a computer, she had no idea what a lifeline it would become for him, or how it would help them stay connected. Now ex-London cabbie Arthur Mills is online every day – and he’s even helping others get to grips with technology, too.


A new Mum from Kensington in Liverpool is using her new internet skills to make her money go further on maternity leave – and she’s inspiring others to do the same as one of the faces of this year’s national Get Online Week.


A Doncaster man’s journey through the ‘wilderness’ of unemployment back to full time work, is set to inspire others to brush up their digital skills and their CVs for Get Online Week.


Edith Ball, 88, from Preston, has been learning digital skills at her local UK online centre – The Intact Centre. Having barely used computers before, she was very cautious about getting online. Now there’s no stopping her – she’s using Skype and emails to talk to family abroad, surfing the internet to find out all sorts of information, and much more.

Keith and Ray

A pair of digital champions from Newcastle are helping to get people online – and they’re getting so much out of the experience they’ve even become the poster boys of this year’s national Get Online Week!


Social enterprise Edible Avondale SE1 – which teaches groups of young people food growing and DIY skills – is growing it’s own reputation, business and and influence thanks to some new digital skills.


When Phil Pugh, 55, first went to his local UK online centre a couple of years ago, he was unemployed and finding it hard to ‘get to where he wanted to be’. Now, thanks to the support he received, he’s developed his digital skills, built his confidence and found work.

Alan and Barbara

Octogenarian olympian Alan Newton, and his wife Barbara, are big fans of online life – and they’re two of the stars of this year’s Get Online Week campaign – encouraging people to get online and see how it can make life easier, cheaper, and more fun.

For Alan, 85, from Stockport, an Olympic medallist, getting online has been a way to stay connected to the cycling world – and to the Olympic alumni that mean so much to him.