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So much of the real expertise about what it takes to really make Get online Week a success for a community lies there, in the community. That's why we're so pleased to present a series of training webinars developed and presented by members of the Online Centres Network.

Based in Stockport, Starting Point Learning Partnership attracts more than 120 learners each week to their 16 digital skills sessions, across Stockport. This is achieved by two people working with 17 volunteers and great relationships with 8 local partners.

A1 Community Works Ltd. is based near Richmond, North Yorkshire. They have years of experience supporting learners in remote, rural areas and are currently helping small businesses and organisations with their digital capability as part of a project funded by Prince's Countryside Fund. 

This series of webinars is a fantastic opportunity for you to share the knowledge of the Online Centres Network and benefit from years of experience.

Webinar 1: Getting people to your event

Attracting learners to your event starts with listening to learners or people with access to your potential audience. If demand in your area is to know how to apply for 30hr of free childcare, there is no point in offering photography skills.

This session will help you think about who can help you attract new learners, from housing associations to bingo clubs (hint: people will value what your offer if they can influence your plans).

Delivered my Ryan McMurdo, IT Trainer at Starting Point Community Learning Partnership.

Wednesday 6 September, 2pm.

Webinar 2: Running a successful event

What is your measure of success? This session will help you think about why you are putting on an event, what you are hoping to achieve, making it a success and finally how to quantify and communicate this success.

Using real life case studies from Starting Point, we will plan a hypothetical event which you may wish to replicate yourself.

Delivered by Nicola Wallace-Dean, Community Programme Manager at Starting Point Community Learning Partnership.

Tuesday 12 September, 2pm.

Webinar 3: Try 1 Thing tips for rural centres

Just some of the themes this webinar will cover are:

1. Getting rural learners to events

  • The pros and cons of events at your usual location or at an outreach venue
  • The hooks you can use to get people to your event
  • Making marketing plan and using your marketing pack

2. Making the event a success

  • Being prepared and having a backup plan
  • Using staff and volunteers
  • Capturing learners’ details and sharing yours
  • Taking photographs and or video (with consent) and using social media

3. After the event

  • Saying thank you and keeping in touch
  • Sharing your success and learning from what went wrong
  • Celebrating learner achievements and getting them to spread the word

Delivered by Tanya Cook, Chief Executive at A1 Community Works Ltd.

Thursday 14 September, 2pm.